We Provide a Variety of Services

We are the one stop shop for small businesses looking to get online.

How can we help you?

Below are some of our popular products. However, we provide a whole lot more. If what you require is not listed below, contact us, we most likely can help you out.

Graphic Design

Our most popular product is the business logo. However, we create custom handmade graphics for any medium. Ads, shirts, stamps? You name it we do it.

Web Development

In this day and age, a small business MUST have an online presence, and of course a website. Our packages range from simple informative websites to full-blown eCommerce platforms.

App Development

Whether you require a mobile app, or a responsive web app, we got you covered. We build hybrid apps, which means you pay once to get an app that runs across both iOS and Android.

Social Media

We know that running a business is time-consuming, that's why we handle updating your social media accounts. Active social media accounts are key for retaining active users on your platforms.


We consult and manage businesses on how they can reap the rewards of digital marketing on platforms like Google My Business and Facebook. Marketing on these streams unlocks millions of potential customers.

Support & Maintenance

We handle hosting your website as well as updating content in most of our monthly maintenance plans.


We provide all our graphic files (logos, business cards etc) in multiple file formats. One file format you will be able to open yourself (jpg, png etc). This format you cannot edit. We have an option to purchase the raw file which can be edited using software for an additional fee. We provide the option to purchase this file so you can get future graphic designers to modify our work if needed.
Websites are hosted on a server, and different server providers have different payment plans. We host our websites with Google, for their fair pricing and their quality of service. Google charges a monthly fee based on usage and daily traffic to your website. Small businesses with an average user pool average around a few dollars a month. Nothing too crazy that breaks the bank!
This depends. Websites range from a few hundred dollars to multiple thousands of dollars. If you are a small business looking to have a landing page for customers to find you, learn a bit about your business, and contact you via email, then your website should be on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. However, if you require users to create accounts, accept payments, or anything more custom and interactive, the price starts to increase considerably. If you love our website, let me gladly tell you that it’s one of our cheapest plans and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to develop it!
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